Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tribute to Jade Goody

She annoyed us, attracted us, outraged us and made us smile. She seemed dumb, clever, mindless and mindful all at the same time. She was Jade Goody.

This morning at 3.14 am, Mother's Day, she passed away and is now at peace. Whatever we thought of her, we should think of her today, of all days. We should think of her children, her partners and all those involved in her life. We should feel for them, however briefly.

I wrote a poem a couple of days ago. It tries to express the wide range of feelings at this sad time. I woke up with the lines, the rhymes, the flow. It was something I had to get down on paper. I hope you like it.

If you didn't like it, pass it by
If you liked it, pass it on!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Doing the write thing?

I have a passion for writing

Many hours are spent thinking, writing, training and speaking - helping other people to express themselves. I write papers, proposals, poems, speeches, songs. I write using facts, emotions, drama and even with a spiritual edge too. All of life can be captured with a pencil and some plain paper - why not develop your own passion for writing?

One of my sons has Autism

My 15 year old son has Autism and has complex additional needs. He gets on with life as best he can - like we all do!! This has led me into working with charities that support young people with Autism. I have raised thousands of pounds from running, writing and networking.

Do the write thing

Some of my writing has been published and earns money from advertising. I want to link my writing and my fundraising and you don't need to give money (you can do, but you don't need to!!). All you need to do is come to the blog and click on one of the links to my work - every click earns money.

Where do I click?

Any of the links on the right will take you to my poems and other writing. Click, read, enjoy and click on another. Every week new stuff will be on the site ready for more clicks. You can click on other ads too if you want to - they all add up!! 

Don't forget to leave comments and, if you like the idea, tell your friends - click into action and I'll keep you posted. Thanks, revivor.