Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Autism meets Basketball

This is a brilliant clip of a young man with Autism who coaches a basketball team. When one day he is given a place on the bench, almost as an award, he comes on and stuns the team, the crowd and the press.

If you love this clip as much as I did, then share it with everyone you know. Every time someone views this clip it will help them and will help a young person with Autism. Thanks.


Friday, December 17, 2010

iphone, sat nav, google and amazon - "Away in a Digital Manger"

The digital trappings of Christmas 2010 mixed with the traditional picture of the nativity. This combination has come together for a wonderful two minute video that will be your highlight of the pre christmas season!! Ordering on amazon, GPS on the sat nav, texting on the iphone - it's all here!! How did Mary and Joseph ever manage without our technology?

Well, of course, they managed perfectly well. But it's great fun to see how they would have done it all. Click through to the video and you will help make money for my Autism charity

Thanks and enjoy!! JUST CLICK

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Ashes cricket - ducks, golden ducks and diamond ducks

Ashes fever has struck England over the last few weeks. Already in the series down under records have been falling. England have scored over 500 runs in two consecutive innings, Swann took 5 wickets in an innings and there were ducks, golden ducks and even a diamond duck!!

But what are these ducks - what do they mean? The answer is in this week's article.


Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Triond crisis as Malware strikes

Disaster struck at Triond headquarters today as Firefox browser security showed a Google report that rated Purpleslinky, Triond's entertainment site, as "suspicious". A speedy "three o'clock in the morning" blogpost from Triond blamed malware, adverts were withdrawn and, like a hospital with an MRSA outbreak, rapid cleaning began.

Later, Authspot, the writing site, became affected and efforts were redoubled at Triond HQ:

Read more at Bukisa article
Look at the original Google warning

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Facebook is watching you!!

Without us realising it, Facebook is watching. Every picture, every child's name against a picture, every innocent reference to your holiday (how safe is your house?) and every full address (hang on, how safe is your house really!?).

Check what information you have shared! Check your privacy settings!! and finally, view this infographic...scared? you should be!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Are squirrels a pest?

Much was made of the pesky nature of the squirrel on today's morning news!! It eats all your bird food, digs holes all over the garden to hide its nuts and then digs loads more holes trying to find them again. But is it all bad?

There are good things to say too: It gives great pleasure to all of us humans who love to see it tackling assault courses in the pursuit of a peanut or two. It generally looks pretty cute and is very photogenic. Ultimately it could be argued that we are the pests!! They were here first and we chase them from our prize gardens - so who is the pest? Good question!! Look...

Friday, March 12, 2010

Living with Autism

My son Matthew is 16 now and has Autism with complex additional needs including moderate to severe learning difficulties. This doesn't mean life is not good, it's just different!!

I tried to capture some of that "difference" in this poem called "The Boy at my Side". It focuses on a phrase that Matthew blurts out from time to time and explores what he might mean by this. Read more...