Friday, March 12, 2010

Living with Autism

My son Matthew is 16 now and has Autism with complex additional needs including moderate to severe learning difficulties. This doesn't mean life is not good, it's just different!!

I tried to capture some of that "difference" in this poem called "The Boy at my Side". It focuses on a phrase that Matthew blurts out from time to time and explores what he might mean by this. Read more...


  1. Hi Ivor, Glad to hear you are keeping up with the running - jsut wanted to let you know that I've had a bit of a blogging "epiphany" and have decided from this point onwards to give it the theme "Make a difference", and use it to share inspiring stories, and most importantly promote and highlight good causes.

    Of course will have to see how it goes, but hopefully when I've got some interest generated (and significantly more than my 12 current followers)it'll develop into something special.

    Assuming I get any kind of following established I would certainly be more than willing to do what I can to highlight awareness and fundraising for autism on your behalf

    All the best

    Paul (aka Magicdarts)

  2. Rev- I loved the poem. And, I agree with your post with a special needs child does not equate to life not being is just different:) Stumbled the poem:)